About different jobs:
  • Bankers start with $5000 more than all other professions
  • Doctors have a 20% more chance of healing sick crew members
  • Space cowboys have a reduced chance to items breaking
  • Entering names of crew members: type in a name and hit enter after each to submit
  • To leave the "Food Up" mode you can hit Q or lose all three lives
Other notes:
  • Sick crew members can only be healed while resting
  • If the number of solar panels is reduced to 0 speed is limited to the slowest
  • More clothing reduces the chance of crew members becoming sick
  • Increased speed increases the chance of ship parts breaking

You can also play at http://lindseyb.github.io/kessel-run/

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AuthorLindsey Bieda
Made withPhaser
TagsSci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Space Sim

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