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this is just a rip off of tea party simulator


How do you pour the tea?

uhh, how do I lock the curser to the middle?

Sadly, you don't, it's one of the more funky things about the controls. I apologize.


how do i grab the tuff out the containers!?

try the 'use' button also when you launch the game prior to the full video opening you can click on the controls and look at what they are and remap them if you need.

what is the use button?

By default it is 'F'


I can't make tea... I know the problem is the game since I am british

The controls are a bit confusing but try using the kettle to make it hot and then using the kettle with the cup to pour the water out

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Did it, thanks

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I need the x32 bit Windows version of Cuppa Tea.

Is it possible for me to get one?

Yeah sorry about the long time for the response I have uploaded the 32 bit file just unzip and run the exe inside to play

Great, thanks.

Where I can find the x32 bits Windows version of Cuppa Tea?

I can work on a build - give me a little bit and I'll take care of it

I added a zip for this

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